Holding Tightly Onto God’s Promises

Life is full of hardships and trials; however, if we focus on God and all of His promises for us, then we can learn how to have peace during those hard times. Without vision, we would all perish by self doubt, fear, jealousy, insecurity, and everything else that we let our minds falsely accept about ourselves. It is vital for success that we seek God’s plan and purpose for our lives. Without His vision for us, we will perish.

Remembering Christmas

As we run around trying to get everything we need ready for Christmas, just make sure we take a moment to breath and remember the real reason we celebrate: the birth of Jesus!  Have an amazing and wonderful Christmas! 🎄🎄🎄☃⛄️

Knowing and truly believing that God loves us is key to receiving revelations.  We receive revelations when we are able to receive ALL that God has for us, including corrections.  One of the times I received a revelation from God was when He started showing me my wrong ways of thinking.  He had to take me back to when I was a child and started putting these wrong “templates” as I call them in my mind.

Because I knew that God loved me, I didn’t feel condemned.  Therefore, I was able to hear God and then begin my process of renewing my mind and thoughts.

God’s Love

The only way we can accept change is if we know God’s love for us.  We love Him because He first loved us.  His love for us is the whole existence of the creation of the world.  Knowing how much God loves us is the foundation of learning how to receive from Him.  With out a solid foundation, we will easily fall.

Revelation is coming!

Growing up in a Bible based, church going family, I never lacked in hearing the Word of God.  Every day I would hear someone around me quote a scripture from the Bible.  I definitely knew the Word of God.

When a difficult situation would arise, of course, a scripture was thrown out at me.  I would sit and ponder the scripture and think to myself, how am I supposed to apply it to my situation?  I would usually leave more confused than encouraged.  Mostly I would just step out in faith and hope that I was going to do the right thing.  Most of the time I failed due to the lack of understanding HOW to APPLY God’s Word’s to my hardships.

That is when I truly started seeking REVELATION!  Come along with me as I lay out how the Lord showed me how to truly receive all things from Him.